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Buy brand new Mauser firearms online from Mauser firearms are created from years of experience, German tradition, and modern technology. No matter the hunting situation, Mauser rifles supply maximum functionality and safety. The second you take that precise shot leading to your successful kill, you’re experiencing the “Mauser Moment.” Mauser is a living legend. Every Mauser is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, expertise, authenticity, and functionality. For over 140 years, Mauser has continued the tradition of high-quality materials, impeccable quality, and brilliant designs inspired by hunters. Feel the legend. Brand new Mauser firearms like the Mauser C96, Broomhandle Mauser, K98 Mauser, Mauser M18, M48 Mauser for sale.


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Mauser GmbH is a legendary producer of sporting, military, and law enforcement firearms. For over 140 years, Mauser has been an innovator in firearm design and manufacture-producing some of the finest firearms the world has ever known.

Many of the world’s most famous firearms-including the Model 98 and M1871/84 Gewehr rifles, HSC pistol,  and MG 81 machine gun-were developed by Mauser employees.

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It is a family tradition for generations to hunt with Mauser firearms.

Mauser is a German arms manufacturer originally founded as Königliche Waffen Schmieden in 1811. Today, large- and small-bore Mauser-derived rifles are made all over the world for the civilian market and are popular with hunters.